24 July 2020

"He will be sorely missed this side of eternity."

From N.T. Wright to J.D. Greear: How J.I. Packer Shaped My Faith and Work

Image: Photo by Ken McAllister / Courtesy of Regent College

Read how J I Packer shaped Bishop Rennis' faith and ministry.


27 April 2020

Dear Friends,

I have just received the best sermon I have heard on Ex 17 for such a time as this. It's by Mrs Gloria Kwashi, wife of ABp Ben Kwashi of Jos, Nigeria.

It is truly a Word in season - RAISE AN ALTAR OF PRAYER with hands lifting up the authority of God over the enemy. It confirms a message I've recently passed on to my clergy and deaconesses.

All are to participate in this battle against COVID-19! She has sounded the trumpet! May the Spirit of God mobilise the Lord's Church for such an hour - that His glory may be seen! Isaiah 60:1-3

Blessings of the Lord, Bishop Rennis