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Nepal is the 93rd largest country by land mass (147,181 sq km) and 41st most populated country in the world. Located on the ridge of the Himalayas, it is landlocked to the north by China, and to the south, east, and west by India. The mountainous north of Nepal has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including the magnificent Mount Everest.

Nepal was ruled by the Shah dynasty from 1768 until 2008. A decade-long Civil War involving the Maoist, known as the Unified Communist Party of Nepal and several weeks of mass protests by the people led to the downfall of the monarchy and its eventual abolishment on 28 May 2008. Nepal is now a Federal Democratic Republic.

Unemployment is high with many young Nepalese having to leave the country to look for work. About 2,000 young Nepalese leave the country every day. Top destinations include India, Qatar, United States, Thailand, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Brunei, Australia, Canada and Malaysia.

Although Buddhism is historically linked with Nepal, it is only practiced by 16% of the population. Hinduism is widely practiced by 81.3% Nepalese. Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are the three officially recognized religion in Nepal. Although, the authority does not stop the practice of other religions like Christianity, it does not give its official recognition.

The Anglican Church in Nepal was formed in 1999, when the Synod of the Diocese of Singapore voted to accept a group of interested independent churches in Nepal to be part of the Diocese. Reverend Norman Beale was appointed as the first Dean of Nepal from July 1999 to November 2009 to establish the Anglican Church, as well as to train pastors in evangelism and discipleship. Mr. Chew Boon Ann then continued the work under the leadership of Bishop Kuan Kim Seng and the Council of the Deanery of Nepal until December 2013. Reverend Lewis Lew took over as the Dean of Nepal from May 2014.

By the grace of God, in the short 15 years since its inception, the Anglican Church in Nepal (ACN) has grown significantly. Revd Rinzi Lama and Revd Shyam Nepali were ordained as Deacons in 2010 and to the Priesthood in 2011. Today ACN has 2 clergy, 76 full-time pastors overseeing 48 churches with 9,000 worshippers in Kathmandu and across different parts of Nepal. Most members reside in the rural highlands. With more than 2,500 confirmed members and hundreds being baptized yearly, the current focus of ACN is on leadership development. Second and third generation leaders are being prepared for ordination and sent for training in theological schools respectively, while fourth generation leaders are being identified and challenged to the ministry.

The mandate for the Deanery of Nepal is to establish a Diocese in Nepal and to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Deanery of Nepal has adopted a three pronged strategy:

  1. Growth,
  2. Opportunity, and
  3. Infrastructure to fulfill the Mission.

For any growth to be significant and fruitful, it will require a strong foundation. This strong foundation is established through Discipleship Training and Leadership Development. The goal is to disciple all members, both young and old, so that they can grow in spiritual maturity, and be prepared to serve in the church. The three-month full-time School of Ministry for leaders will then equip those who are called to full-time pastoral ministry in leadership development and ministry skills. Potential full-time pastoral workers and leaders will be identified for further equipping and theological training in accredited bible schools. The growth of any church depends largely on its people. Outreach and evangelistic skills will be taught to every member to equip them to evangelize effectively.

Church-planting work has begun in Pokhara (West of Kathmandu) and being prayerfully explored in Chitwan (South of Kathmandu) and in other districts. Other opportunities (e.g. education outreach, community outreach and medical outreach) are also being identified, and will be established gradually with the support of mission partners.

Physical infrastructure will provide the premise to support the growth of the church. Financial support from our mission partners are needed to establish the physical infrastructure to build church buildings and other facilities, where the people could gather to worship and to reach out to the pre-believers.

The Deanery of Nepal is constantly looking for Mission Partners from all over the world who can send theologically trained personnel to teach in the School of Ministry for Leaders;
the Deanery also needs suitable workers with a sense of call and a heart to reach the people in Nepal for Christ.

It is also looking for Mission Partners to support financially the ministry and work in Nepal. 

Annual Operational Budget:
S$260,000 (includes remuneration for pastors)

Projected Developmental Projects
(from July 2014 to 2018): S$2,500,000

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