St Andrew’s Lifestreams Programmes and Services

posted 03.02.2016

SAL's programmes are structured under two broad categories:
Training Programmes and Therapeutic Services.

Training Programmes
SAL's training programmes have been designed to suit persons at different levels within our parishes. They are experiential in nature, with facilitators who will engage with participants in a mindful manner through the shared experiences offered.

Church Wide Workshops: These day long workshops are targeted at specific congregational groups who have an interest in developing greated efficacy in the topics discussed.

Equipping Churches: These modules, collectively called Pastoral Care Modules, target those in positions of influence within the church, with the intention to develop effectiveness in the formation of Christ-centred relationships.

General Awareness Talks: These one-and-a-half hour talks target congregation members, and focus on developing Christ-centred relationships within families and individuals.

Therapeutic Services
The therapeutic services offered by SAL encompass:

Face-to-Face Counselling: sessions with a professional counsellor

Art Therapy and Play Therapy: services where both adults and children can explore issues creatively with a facilitator.

Theraplay: a new therapeutic service with a facilitator who engages both parents and children to develop stronger bonds.

SAL aims to eventually offer their programmes in Mandarin and Tamil as well. For a start, they are launching, in Mandarin, The Virtues Project - a two-day programme for individuals, families, educators and leaders to live and serve authentically.

Please click here to view SAL's brochure, which gives an overview of their programmes.

For enquiries, please call Eileen Wong at 6282 1552 during office hours, or email admin@lifestreams.org.sg