Nepal Update 3 October 2015

posted 15.10.2015

Update by the Deanery of Nepal on the Relief and Rebuilding Work in Nepal

As the monsoon season in Nepal comes to an end, this also marks the beginning of the rebuilding work in Nepal. Sadly, the effort to formalize the National Relief and Disaster Agency by parliament was sidelined when the different political parties decided to focus their energy on drafting a constitution that would benefit other political interests and agenda.

Without an overall coordinating agency for the rebuilding, confusion is filling the ground. Different NGOs and Humanitarian organizations are applying to rebuild schools, health posts and homes in the same area. This is leaving many local communities without aid or necessary help. The people most affected are ultimately the impoverished villagers in the rural mountainous ranges.

While business is almost back to usual in Kathmandu, and tourists are slowly returning after numerous assurances by the Nepali government that the country is safe, a trip out of Kathmandu reveals a very different picture. Many villages are being relocated to safer grounds. As a result, most of these villagers are deprived of basic necessities like food and blankets. They are left to wonder when they will receive funds from the government to rebuild their homes.

A medical team from All Saints' Church has just completed a 6-day medical mission trip to the villages of Longagea and Tamjimrang. The aim of this trip was to provide free medical services to villagers relocated from Kitchet and Choke. In all, the team saw to the needs of 400 patients in both villages, prayed for many and ministered to the children. It was a wonderful experience for the team to be able to bless the people. But the more marvelous experience was how the villagers blessed the team.

Upon arrival, it was heartwarming for the mission team to witness the villagers’ hardiness and fortitude despite all the hardship they have endured and are continuing to brave. The team was also thrilled and heartened to witness the firm and robust faith and worship that poured out of the Nepalese believers in their makeshift church during their Service on Saturday morning. The presence of God was palpable as believers hungered to be filled by the Spirit of God. Christ is most certainly their hope and strength!

The Deanery of Nepal wishes to thank everyone who has contributed to its relief work after the quake. As the task of rebuilding the 30 quake-destroyed churches commences, I wish to appeal for greater engagement and hope that Singapore parishes and our mission partners will prayerfully consider longer-term financial support and ministry partnership by adopting one of the 30 churches. It will cost S$50,000 to rebuild a church. Let us assist in providing our Anglican brothers and sisters in Nepal a place where they can express their worship to God and take shelter during the harsh Himalayan winter. Rebuilding 30 churches feels like a mammoth task, humanly speaking. But with God nothing is impossible. I entreat our parishes and mission partners to give, and to do so generously. For more information please contact the Dean of Nepal at (nepal@anglican.org.sg).

Read Lewis Lew
Dean of Nepal
05 Oct 2015