Jubilee Day of Prayer 2015 Press Release

posted 08.07.2015

Over 50,000 Christians In United Prayer to Bless Singapore at the Singapore Sports Hub

Offering collected at JDOP will be donated to bless the needy and less fortunate in Singapore regardless of race, religion and language

SINGAPORE, July 5, 2015 – Jubilee Day of Prayer (JDOP) 2015 saw 50,000 members of the Christian community coming together for a time of thanksgiving and prayer to bless Singapore at the National Stadium. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attended the  event as a special guest.

Jointly organised by the National Council of Churches in Singapore (NCCS) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore (EFOS) and the wide support of fellow Christians and organisations, JDOP 2015 is the single greatest national-church event in Singapore's Jubilee! There were 51,000 gathered at the stadium Singapore and the JDOP 2015 was also streamed live on YouTube and attracted over 35,000 views.

JDOP 2015 rallied Christians from all walks of life at the National Stadium to mark SG50 with three purposes:
• to thank GOD who has blessed Singapore over the last 50 years.
• to pray for growing unity among our churches and in our nation.
• to bless our next generation to continue this legacy.

NCCS President Bishop Wee Boon Hup, Chairman of JDOP 2015 and EFOS Chairman Dr Lawrence Chia, Co-Chairman of JDOP 2015 concurred, “We are very encouraged by the tremendous support from the Christian community to celebrate Singapore’s Jubilee year with thanksgiving and prayer.  The gathering of Christians from different denominations, churches and organisations, in one day at one place as one Christian community, underscore the unity of our community and the love we have for Singapore.”

Bishop Wee added, “Since 1835, when the first church was established in Singapore, Christians and Christian organisations have contributed to the community by helping the needy and under-privileged in society, providing education and social services, among others. In the Spirit of Jubilee and to reinforce our commitment to the community, I am pleased to announce that the Jubilee offering collected at this JDOP will be used to bless and help the poor, needy and low income families in our Nation regardless of race, religion and language.”

Reverend Tony Yeo, Executive Secretary of JDOP 2015 and General Secretary of Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore, said, “The Jubilee year has great significance in the Bible. We believe that it is a year of rest, release and restoration. As Singapore turns 50 this year, we want to give thanks for God’s blessings, and pray for God’s continued blessings, as we pass on this legacy of thanksgiving, unity and revival to the next generation.”

About Jubilee Day of Prayer
JDOP 2015 is co-organised by the National Council of Churches in Singapore and the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore.  It is supported by Singapore Baptist Convention, Indian Christian Network, Festival of Praise Fellowship, LoveSingapore and National Prayer Alliance.

You can follow JDOP on twitter @JDOP2015, instagram @jdop2015 and facebook.com/JDOP2015.

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