Deanery of Nepal Update - August 2016

posted 16.08.2016

The Urgent Task of Disciple Making
By Dean Lewis Lew

Kathmandu. Saturday 16th July 2016.
While sitting in the sanctuary of the Living Hope Church amongst 234 confirmation candidates, my mind was filled with the memories of my first missions trip to Nepal in April 1980. At that time, it was illegal to baptize anybody. Anyone caught doing so could be imprisoned for up to six months. Today, however, Nepal has one of the world’s fastest-growing Christian population.  All this has happened within one generation. God is doing a mighty work in Nepal. 

It warms my heart to have witnessed all this first hand; but I am also concerned, because I see that these large numbers of young adults and youths who are getting confirmed do not remain for very long in their churches, because they inevitably disperse to various parts of the world to further their studies or to seek employment. There is thus a great and urgent need to quickly disciple and equip them for ministry amongst the Nepali diaspora. Because the Anglican parishes in Nepal are still young, they need our partnership in this urgent task of disciple-making.

The greatest challenge in Nepal’s churches today is the discipling of new believers. The Christian population is growing rapidly, and there aren’t enough mature Christians to disciple them. People are turning to and believing in Christ in great numbers, and their faith needs to be nurtured. We need disciple-makers to come alongside the local pastors to help feed and shepherd their flocks. Please cry out with me in prayer for God to raise up more labourers to nourish and nurture the new-born in Christ.