Diocesan Centre Facilities

For those looking for a venue to host their gathering, or find accommodation, we have just the place for you. Our facilities are capable of hosting camps, conferences and other group activities, to closer unify the body in the Name of Christ.



Diocesan Centre

Diocesan Centre from ground level

Diocesan Centre

Diocesan Centre from 3rd level

Shaw Hall

Shaw Hall (240 pax)

Hall A

Hall A (120 pax)

Hall B

Hall B (120 pax)


Eatery (60 pax)

Air-conditioned Dorms

Air-conditioned Dormitories (24 pax) (Non air-conditioned dormitories look similar minus the bed frames and mattresses, 20 pax)

For more information, please call: 6288 8944 ext 211 or email: bookings@anglican.org.sg